This service replaces your lost VW Beetle keys!

Service includes 2 programmed non-remote keys.

This service requires that you send the vehicle's instrument cluster to us. If you want the keys cut to match your vehicle, please send the door lock, key code, or working sample with the instrument cluster for service*.

This is NOT a reflash! There is no need to resync or program the new keys as they will arrive already programmed to your Beetle. When you get the Instrument Cluster back, just reinstall it and start the car! It's that EZ!

Volkswagen models covered by this service are*:

2000-2005 Wolkswagen New Beetle

2001 Audi TT


Click here to visit our category page to see how our service works and what you need to do. (watch the video, it explains a lot)



Keys: If you want us to cut the keys for you, select the Keys Cut option

Key cutting requires a key code, working key sample, or original door lock. The original door lock and ignition must match. If the vehicle's door lock or ignition has been changed, then a key code or working key for the ignition is required.

More Details

There is no need to resync or program the new keys as they will already be programmed with your car's ICU.

Unlike other auto locksmiths that may offer a similar service called an ECU reflash, ICU reflash, or immobilizer reflash, we program and test the transponder keys to the engine immobilizer before it leaves the shop. A reflash returns the engine immobilizer into a new state, which requires relearning and resynchronizing at the vehicle, this is sometimes called virginizing. With our engine immobilizer service, you do not need to program, or re-sync the engine immobilizer to the vehicle. No need for cycling keys, opening and closing doors, jumping pins, having a locksmith or mechanic come to the vehicle to register the system. Simply reinstall the ECU/ICU, hook up the battery, and you're done. It's that E-Z!

All models MUST be anti-theft/immobilizer equipped by the manufacturer. This service is only available for transponder/anti-theft equipped vehicles.

The keys supplied are transponder keys that do not contain keyless entry remotes. Additional keys, including remotes, may be purchased seperately.

This service is offered as a key replacement service only for vehicles that have no other malfunctions. If the vehicle will not start for any other condition we recommend you contact a qualified mechanic. This service requires the actual ICU from the vehicle, a used or new replacement ICU requires a different process, if you are replacing the vehicle's ICU, please contact us prior to the purchasing.

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  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen

Volkswagen New Beetle Lost Key Service

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