Tranceiver Coil Tester

A Transceiver Tester is used to detect the aerial RFID signal coming from the vehicle's immobilizer antennae (coil).

Hold it up to the ignition and insert the vehicle's key through the hole of the tester and into the ignition lock. The LED light on the tester will light up when the vehicle generates a signal to read the transponder in the key. Some vehicles require the key to be turned on, others when the key is inserted into the ignition. It also works for testing signal from cloners and other transponder chip identifiers.

This is a must have diagnostic tool for anyone working on transponder equipped vehicles. When diagnosing the transponder system in a vehicle, it's good to know whether the vehicle is attempting to communicate with the chip in the key or not. It works with any vehicle that uses
anti-theft RFID transponders.

No batteries required. The Transceiver Coil Tester is self contained.


We test each Tranceiver Coil Tester before shipment. 

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Tranceiver Coil Tester

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