TIPM Rebuild

 Failure commonly appears as fuel or battery related issue, and common symptoms may include intermittent, erratic, or complete failure of specific compnents like listed below:

  • A no start condition caused by a faulty internal fuel pump relay or the fuel pump is running continuously and draining battery
  • Inoperative door locks
  • Front or rear windshield wipers / washers that are inoperative or continuously stay on
  • Reverse up lights that are inoperative or continuously stay on
  • Inoperative or stuck horn

Our TIPM rebuild services are for vehicles that are experiencing problems that trace back to the vehicles Totally Integrated Power Module. It is your responsibility to have the problem properly diagnosed.


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 To remove your vehicles TIPM:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable
  2. Remove the positive battery cable from your TIPM
  3. Release the TIPM from the mounting bracket by releasing the 4 retaining clips
  4. Carefully unplug all cables by depressing the release tab in the center of the connector. 
  5. Remove the TIPM from vehicle leaving the lid and all fuses and relays in their place.

Reassembly is the reverse order of disassembly but use caution when re-installing plugs and make sure that they are fully seated in position and avoid damaging or bending the terminals.

NOTICE: If repair attempts have already been made on your TIPM please contact us prior to sending your unit in for repairs.