Toyota Lexus Smart Proximity Key

Lexus and Toyota Smart Proximity Key Reset Service


Once a Toyota or Lexus Proximity Key (Smart Remote) has been programmed to a vehicle, it is considered locked to that specific vehicle. This unlock service returns the smart key to a new, virgin state. Allowing it to be programmed to another vehicle without the dealer or automotive locksmith needing to reset your vehicle’s immobilizer.

This service is only applicable to the FCC numbers listed below. Prox keys with other FCC numbers can not be reset.


Pack your remote(s) carefully in a padded envelope or small box.

Include your name, address, daytime phone number, and email address with your package.


Send your remote(s) to:

811 South Montesano Street

Westport, WA 98595


We can also cut you a new emergency key for an additional $35.

Please provide your key code with your order.


Your key code can be obtained a few different ways:

1) Visit your local Toyota or Lexus dealership, bring your VIN# and proof of ownership.

2) If applicable - Pull your driver's door lock to find the key code stamped on the lock housing.

3) Check your original keys/remotes for a silver key code tag, it may also be tucked away with the owner’s manual.


Please Contact Us if you have any questions.



Manufacturer Part Numbers: 89904-35010, 89904-06140, 89904-48100, 89904-47230, 89904-50380, 89904-30270, 89904-30A30, 89904-60590, 89904-08010, 69515-08020, 89904-48110

  • Lexus:
  • Toyota:
  • Item #: SmartKeyReset
  • Manufacturer: Toyota
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Smart Proximity Key Reset Service

Price: $10.00
2 or more: $7.50 each
5 or more: $7.00 each
10 or more: $6.50 each
20 or more: $5.00 each
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